Thursday, 6 March 2014

To Tell you the Truth...

Tomorrow is the first day of our break, and it could not have come any sooner. Students have been working hard and they deserve a break. We have also been hard at work here in the Library with many things happening.

Our database was down all of last week, and to keep books in the hands of the students, we were loaning them manually.
Our Biblio-techies created a new and fun announcement for our Just Read it campaign to keep it going as we took a break. They are also working hard to re-organize shelves so that our Library makes sense!

Our new book for the week was a new acquisition for this year. Our Character focus for this month is Honesty, so we read "The Rumor" by Monique Felix.

A review by

Word travels quickly through a peaceful village when a hungry beast is spotted in the hills. Some say he has ears that can hear a potential meal from a mile away! Others declare that his stink is enough to kill you with just one whiff! Still others report that his snout is stronger than a vacuum cleaner! The threat compels friends to warn one another and in humorous fashion turn hearsay into an increasingly inaccurate rumor. Uncertainty abounds, but by the time the villagers are safely gathered together out of harm s reach, one thing is for sure readers young and old will be charmed by The Rumor!

We focused on the different types of lies that can be told, and how not sharing truthful information can lead to confusion and a lot of unfair situations. We will continue reading some great stories after the break that highlight what happens when a lie is told. Attached to this blog is a letter to parents to help with discussions related to honesty.

Have a great break!
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