Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Way!

Hello yet Again!

This is the last post for today and we are finally caught up! Last week we began a new focus! Fairness, just in time for Black History Month. We read a simple book in the Library about some mice. Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes.

Below is a Synopsis by

There was only one way for Chester to do things - his own way. Wilson did things the same way; they were best friends. From double-knotting their shoes to cutting their sandwiches diagonally, Chester and Wilson were two of a kind.

"They really are two peas in a pod," said Chester's mother.

"Looks like it," said Chester's father.

From morning to night - and in every way - they were inseparable. But then they met Lilly ... and extraordinary things happened to their friendship.

The story focuses on 2 mice, Chester and Wilson, and they are exactly the same. Then, a new mouse, Lily (of Purple Plastic Purse fame) comes into town, and she is different. Chester and Wilson treat her very unfairly and are not very welcoming nor do they embrace her differences. Well, the end result is quite nice and worth the read, but we did tie in this story to the experiences of Rosa Parks. The students made some great connections, but were reminded that even school yard mistreatment can be just as hurtful as unfairness on a bigger scale.

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